We like to think that content marketing is the heart of our business. It is the culmination of creative individuals and analytical minds.

When you work with us, our team of in-house writers, developers, and marketers work simultaneously to produce content that increases traffic, brand awareness, or conversions. Content may range from articles, landing pages, infographics, or entire websites. Our team consistently produces the amount of content needed to reach your goals and accomplish long term objectives.

Our plan always follows the structure of strategy, development, and distribution.

Three Stages of Content Marketing:

Content Strategy:

This is the first stage of content marketing. It is the blueprint of our marketing efforts. You wouldn’t build a house without a strong structure and you shouldn’t build a marketing campaign without one either.

Developing a content strategy ensures that each piece of content we create reaches and resonates with your intended audience. The first step in doing so is coming up with measurable and realistic goals for your business. Lofty expectations are nice as an end goal, but having realistic goals along the way will allow us to measure success.

Branded Content:

While there are three main stages in content marketing, we like to also discuss branded content with our clients. Editorial and branded content development is, by nature, an aspect of brand strategy. It is a long-term plan for the development of a successful business in order to achieve specific goals.

Brand strategy should be well executed and affect all aspects of your business. We work with you to develop a set of techniques that build upon your established brand or transform it in a new direction.

There are two questions that will help propel your efforts:

  • Why are you creating a new brand?
  • What do you hope to achieve with the new brand?

Your answers to these questions are our long-term objectives and will be the basis for all of our strategic branding efforts.

Content Development:

The second stage of content marketing is the developmental stage. Each piece of content is written and edited by our team of in-house writers and editors. While some companies outsource to freelancers, we firmly believe that having a consistent voice for your brand is crucial to success.

The Content Group constructs meaningful prose to accommodate any message you wish to convey to your clientele. Don’t know what message you want to send? We will work with you to find out the best course of action. Our writing is flexible and our style ranges from conversational, natural, and friendly, to direct or provocative.

Content Distribution:

While having a strong strategy is a great start and producing content for your site is the next evolution of the process, being able to distribute that information wisely is key. The content we produce for your business is part of a plan to reach your intended audience.

An editorial calendar is constructed around each significant channel that could potentially benefit your business. Even if you decide social media marketing isn’t right for your business, writing for your client can be the difference between them coming to your business or your competitor.

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