Don’t think your business belongs on social media? Think again. Over two billion people have some form of social media. The biggest companies in the world now advertise and promote on various social media platforms. Do you really want to sit by and let your business go unnoticed? With social media marketing, we can develop a strategy for you and point all of those people in the right direction.

While Google and other search engines can create dynamic ads for your business, they are limited to placing these ads only on their platform. That is where social media marketing comes into play. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, amongst others, are able to provide amazing opportunities when it comes to building a strong reputation. With a well thought out strategy, you can keep your audience engaged and interested in your business.

In late 2016, Facebook reported that over 65 million businesses have used Facebook Advertising. That number is solely for Facebook and with over 2 billion active members, can you really afford to miss out on promoting your business on social media?

Digital advertising has quickly surpassed traditional advertising for its ability to engage with the audience like never before. Digital ads are interactive, allow for A/B split testing, provide real time data, are the catalyst of promotion, and “brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent.┬╣

Creating the Perfect Ad:

With social media marketing, we can engage with your audience by promoting relevant and interesting content, create buzz for your products through contents, poll customers to gather insight, and provide compelling company news.  People now use their smart phone to search the internet more than ever before, including spending an average of 87 hours a month browsing social media and various website.

When a potential customer finds you, it’s important you have the right content promoting your brand. Your social media channels can reach your target audience faster, more regularly, and more accurately than any other type of marketing campaign.

Each platform has its own strengths and purposes. It is prudent to evaluate your website and brand to determine the best outlets for you. For example, if your market typically targets an older audience it probably doesn’t make sense to utilize Snapchat (primarily used by teens and young adults). However, Facebook is a perfect location to reach an older targeted audience due to its popularity. The strengths of each platform can be leveraged with effective and cost-efficient advertising that promotes your business.

The Content Group has a talented team of social media experts whom have a proven track record of creating and maintaining dynamic can’t miss social media campaigns. Not only do we build and implement the strategy, we also educate your team with the best practices of each platform.

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